In June 1962, the developers, Walter and Donald Calland broke ground for the community. Walter Calland insisted all the amenities belong to the residents, including the golf course, as they still do today. Walter and Lucille Calland moved into the house built at 600 Shasta Way.

Esther Thompson and her husband were instrumental in setting up the golf course. The golf course was designed by Harry Rainville, a noted architect of the Yorba Linda PGA course. Our course was designed as a par 3 executive course with many unusual hazards for that type of course. They included a manmade lake and many sand traps with rolling contoured fairways.

Our spas can really be called Jacuzzis because Mr. Jacuzzi was a personal friend of the Callands' and this was the first home development, not a resort, that he installed his famous Jacuzzis.

The recreation center with 82 homes was completed in December 1962. By January 1963, the outdoor shuffleboard and swimming pool were completed. By 1966, half the homes had been built. The Jacuzzis and the shuffleboard board courts eventually were enclosed.

Our library was developed over the years by Jeanne Uhlar, our librarian and community historian. She and John Roberts provided the information for this webpage.
The following is from the sales brochure touting the 'Outstanding features of your Panorama Village Home'...What you get as standard features in a home at Panorama Village..particularly, refrigerated, air condition, underground utilities, underground TV antenna cable, enclosed rear yard.' Many of the previous features were unique in the 1960's. When constructed this community was seen as a 'Resort' retirement neighborhood and we who live here still feel it is!

Early Pictures of the Community & Developers

 45th Community Celebration

50th Community Celebration